President of Iran World Trade Center: new president must enforce management coup after being elected

When the new president of Iran is elected, the first priority of him must be the enforcement coup in the management, President of Tehran World Trade Center, Mohammad-Reza Sabzalipour told Trend in an interview.

Sabzalipour, who is also the managing director of Iranian Import & Export Center, further spoke about the issues that the newly elected president of the Islamic Republic must tackle.

“The foreign currency exchange rate must be around 3000 tumen (30,000 rials) per dollar,” he said. “The currency must also be spread to importers on agreed tariffs, and the the local prices must be regulated by relevant structures.”

He also noted that it is very important to normalize relations with the western and Arab countries and win the trust of people working in economic and industrial spheres in the country.

Speaking about Iran’s nuclear program, due to which the country has become a target of crippling international sanctions from both Europe and the U.S., Sabzalipour said that, International sanctions should be lifted completely.

“This will allow the normal flow of oil money into the country, and stabilize the work of the banking system,” he said.

Sabzalipour noted that in order to keep the peace and dignity of people, the new president would need to eliminate the tensions within the country, respect the believes of other groups and parties, as well as increase salaries for people, considering the inflation level.

Iran will hold the 12th presidential election on June , 2017.

The voters re-elect Rouhani or one of his competitors.

The president of Iran is elected for a four-year term in a national election and the Guardian Council vets the candidates for qualifications.//End of news

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