Resolving the problems and prosperity of the Iranian economy is possible

Mohammad Reza Sabzalipour, an economist and head of the World Trade Center, said on Wednesday that he was addressing a number of entrepreneurs, industry owners and economic activists, pointing to the situation in Iran and the economic turmoil and disadvantages, Iran and the economy of our country, we have spoken to Karrath, and we have written hundreds of papers, and I do not want to repeat that in terms of strategic and strategic direction, what is the importance of Iran in the region and in the world, its geographically valuable features, How old is history and civilization In terms of underground and hydrocarbon reserves, such as crude oil and natural gas, it is one of the first three countries in the world, with the most unique resources and mines and the most precious metals and rocks, the highest ranking in terms of agricultural products such as pistachios and some fruits in the world The caviar is one of its kind and rank, and our country’s crafts also have a unique and valuable place among the world. /End of News

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