Iranian Import and Export Centers are ready to be Established in 44 Countries of the World

Conditional on government support and cooperation

We have signed agreements with heads of world trade centers of 19 countries. Subject of these agreements was establishment of export and import centers in countries which are party to the agreement, so that first Iranian export centers would be established in those countries and then after some time, their export centers would be established in Iran.
Establishment of export and import centers in 44 countries of the world has been defined as a program of World Trade Center of Iran and its administrative arrangements are provided.

Notifying this report, Mohammad Reza Sabzalipour, president of world trade center of Iran and also head of Policy-Making Council of Resistive Economy and Private Sector, stated that: “Within 2015, we conducted successive and long-term negotiations with heads of tens of world trade centers on subject of achieving appropriate and short-term strategies in order to exit Iranian economic actors from economic crisis and move towards trade advancement and growth of joint investments and the results obtained have been positive and to a large extent promising.”

“We have had several negotiations with economic authorities and heads of world trade centers of a number of countries of the world and most of them were constructive and positive, but according to bottlenecks and sanctions imposed on Iran, we made our most effort to apply our power to achieve facilities of trade and investment and also find a way to target and new markets for creating ways for activity of our countries’ pioneer export companies and fortunately results have been positive and promising so far. Hence, based on several meetings we had with senior economic and trade officials and managers of both governmental and private sectors, we identified target markets for Iranian companies and also made them more specific. Therefore, we spent most of our time on achieving facilities in such target countries and in line with this goal, establishment of Iranian export and import centers in a number of these countries was approved and agreed by parties. Activity of these centers is a vital and specialized work in order to develop and grow non-oil export of Iran that would result in gaining tens of billion dollars for our country every year.”, He said.

Sabzalipour continued that: “For this reason, we have signed agreements with heads of world trade centers of 19 countries that their subject is to establish large export and import centers in countries undersigned the agreement, so that first, Iranian export centers would be established in those countries and after elapse of some time, their export centers would be established in Iran. A number of countries signed such agreement with the Iranian Center are Russia, Canada, France, Turkey, Qatar, Algeria, Brazil, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Malaysia, Iraq, and Afghanistan and it was stipulated that large export centers be established in capital city and some of the big cities of the aforesaid countries. These centers which would mostly be established in beautiful spaces and mainly inside world trade centers of the cities of interest or such formal places, would follow various goals and plans and the most important of which include permanent presence of Iranian companies and long-term exhibition of export goods and services in these countries and also saving remarkable costs in field of marketing.

Advantages and services of Iranian import and export centers in the said countries for Iranian companies would be as follows:

  1. Having at least a showcase for exhibiting goods and services,
  2. Providing marketing services by local specialized personnel in the target country for member companies,
  3. Using facilities and personnel of Iranian export center in order to obtain economic information of the target country,
  4. Providing special services and facilities with preferred rates for participation of companies in seminars and exhibitions of the country which is place of activity of the center,
  5. Establishing appropriate basis for facilitating visa reception and travel to the country which is activity place of the center,
  6. Providing welfare facilities such as booking hotel, airplane ticket, and limousine services,
  7. Providing services in field of registration of company and trademark for Member Company in the destination country,
  8. Providing business rules and regulation and custom charges of the country which is activity place of the center, upon request of members,
  9. Attempt to solve commercial problems of the member companies by help of personnel of the center,
  10. Providing tens of other helpful services to the member companies.mosscwo

At the end, president of Iran world trade center said that: “According to pressures and sanctions imposed on our country within the last week and also execution of JCPOA and commencement of post-sanction age, and interest of foreign countries to begin economic exchanges with Iranian parties, establishment of such centers and raising flag of Iran in various countries of the world and also raising flag of countries which are friend to us in Iran, is a great success which shall not be easily ignored, hence we attempt to continue establishment of Iranian export and import centers in 35 remained target countries gradually. Although I have no doubt that government’s support in establishment, stability, and survival of these centers would be helpful, we would make our effort that by creating close interaction and cooperation with respective economic, commercial, and industrial authorities of the country, provide a part of costs required by companies to attend these centers from the budget allocated by the government for marketing affairs. Of course, I make no promise until it has not become finalized and I state that in order to develop and grow economic goals of the country, facilities created in these centers would be provided for other parties including authorities of ministries of economics; industry, mine, and commerce; Jihad & Agriculture, commerce and cooperation chambers, unions, guilds, and other related agencies, and we would also be happy to receive their thoughts and ideas. These centers will be established successively by presence of political and economic authorities of our country, managers of member companies, and the press, hence, again I state that only under support of the wisdom & hope government for non-oil export and respectable exporters and also close cooperation of countrymen and economic team of the government with authorities of Iran world trade center, Iranian export and import centers would be established in 44 countries of the world in a short time. Result of actions of the government and progress of this project will be subsequently informed to public. /End of News.    

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