Arrest for criticizing the Iranian government’s economic policies

The head of the World Trade Center Iran has been arrested for criticizing the economic policies of the government and central bank and he is transferred to prison Now!!

Son of Mohammad Reza Sabzalipour, the president of World Trade Center Tehran (Iran), told Tasnim News that, his father is being transferred to prison for criticizing the economic policy of the government and Central Bank. Ali Reza Sabzalipour added, “In the recent months, my father received many notices from Central Bank about criticizing this bank, asking him to keep quiet.”

He continued that in the legal case formed against his father, it is written that he talks recklessly about government’s economic conditions and Central Bank’s policies. Ali Reza Sabzalipour said, “My father’s bail is set for 1 billion tomans. And as he cannot post the bail, he’s being transferred to prison.” 

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