Message of President


In The Name Of God
Globalization is a term that has surpassed limits of traditional, scientific and academic conceptions today and all the people talk about it and comments on its advantages and disadvantages. Originally raised in the 17th century, globalization gained momentum in early 1990s and had developed considerably so much so that it influences most aspects of people’s lives including political, economic, cultural, social and even military spheres.
The world is currently turning into a village where all countries are known only by their names with no national, economic and cultural boundaries. The issue of globalizing the economy and production as well as activities of companies is no more restricted to a single country.
Globalization has, indeed, changed the world’s financial structure as well as the system of providing credit for global trade and production.
Therefore, as an existing reality, we should not ignore the process of globalization, economic globalization in particular.
In order to facilitate the process of globalization and help other economic institutes adapt themselves with the process, various international economic organizations have been established at the first stage followed by formation of the World Trade Center’s Association in early 1970s.
Many world countries as well as major cities have so far joined the WTC. In other words, world trade centers are established to provide members with modern commercial services and help businessmen and owners of different industries go through the process of globalization. The centers aim at removing all the obstacles facing economic activists by providing them with various commercial, financial, welfare and electronic services to enable them finds access to the world markets and help them materialize their globalization dream.
To this end, Iran decided in 1990s to join WTCA by launching its own world trade center. The goal was accomplished in 1996 when Iran finally became an official member of WTCA after paying the membership fees and spending additional expenses to the amount of USD 1,050,000.
While it is crystal clear that engaging in trade activities and production on equal footing and under conditions of complete rivalry is almost impossible in the present day complicated world economic system and complete rivalry, therefore, success in the tough situation of the world trade requires strategic economic policies as well as certain apparatuses already provided and implemented by officials of the WTCs.
It is hoped that those active in the field of economy would find a proper status in the world trade market by taking advantage of the services and experiences provided by WTCs, Iran’s in particular.

With best R.G.D, s
Mohammad-Reza Sabzalipour
President of WTC Tehran – Iran