Permanent Display: (Show Mart)
The Iran Export Center s Show -Mart is designed to gather the sample of the products belonging to the members & exhibit on one year basis. Each member has a special space in exhibition in order to show their products & services & contact the buyers & foreign delegations for various businesses.
The exhibition consists from two departments. One is called Export Mart & the second one is Import Mart.
Export Mart is for all local companies, which are interested to deal with the potential buyers of Iranian commodities & services & by showing their products they would proceed regarding exportation of local products. These companies are gathered in one department.
Import Mart is for all foreign companies, which are interested to export to Iran. These companies are also gathered in another department for said purpose.

Exhibition Cost:
There would be no charge for export & import mart unless membership fees received from the members.
The intention of the managers of the Iran Export Center from show mart is to facilitate the relation between the exporters & importers & let the clients to have access the business opportunities on the spot & with minimum cost.

The experts of Iran Export Center will study the various markets & find out the suitable clients for the member companies for exportation & importation of their commodities.
Upon marketing by the experts of the center & receiving any inquiry from the clients, that request will be directed to its special & relevant department to handle & make arrangements for the contact of producers & accomplishment of the business directly.

Marketing Methods:
Marketing either for export or import will be done by various methods as:
1- Contact with international economic organizations like WTC’s
2- Contact with Embassies & economical bureaus of foreign countries in Iran.
3- Invitation from foreign businessmen & delegations to visit the center.
4- Gathering information from various business trips & meetings.
5- Direct contact with the clients through center’s Web-Site.

Trade Information Service:
Nowadays the World is called “Informative era” in which the economical activities are impossible to be done unless to posses the information of target market.
To gather vast amount & updated information is very hard for each individual company, which needs long time and high cost. Therefore the experts of Iran Export Center considering the transaction between Iran & other countries has categorized the information in 3 levels of 1 up to 3.
In other word those countries with high volume of transaction with Iran are ranked in category 1 & the countries with middle volume are in category 2 & the remaining with low volume as category 3. This information is kept in the center & is updated & will be put at the disposal of member companies & businessmen by computer.
Meantime the economical information of Iran will also be put at the disposal of foreign companies & interested people.
Telecommunication Service (IT):
Center intends to direct the members toward E-Commerce by furnishing them with various information of electronic services.
These services from the center are as follows:
1- Furnishing free of change E-Mail with special address of the center for local & foreign members of the center.
2- Selling high speed & low cost access to Internet from Iran telecommunication one of our member organizations to the members
3- Access to two web-site of the center in minimum 100 pages.
4- by following addresses
In international site of the center some information are available as: all details of the center, member companies (local & foreign), export & import activities of the members, economical news in Iran, tenders, advertisement & propagation of companies & etc…

Hotel Accommodation Services:
Many companies during each year may have several guests, which should be accommodated in various hotels. This is also a costly service for the companies. Therefore, center has signed contracts with almost all well known hotels with a special rate & member companies can reserve hotel accommodation in any hotel via center with much discounted rate.
The list of the hotels will be prepared in a booklet & send for the member’s notice.
The planning to sign same contracts with the hotels outside of Iran is under process.

For business curtsey & hospitality, usually the managers take their guest to the restaurants.
Many of the restaurants are not suitable for such meetings for any reason.
Center has chosen number of restaurants & made arrangements with them regarding acceptable service for the guests of the member companies & with special discounted rate.
In case any complaint arrives from the guests regarding any difficulty in any restaurants, the center will cut the contract with said restaurant & inform all members.
Meantime upon completion of contract the list of the restaurants & discounted rate will be advised to the members.

Preparing air ticket for the managers & employees of each company which usually travel locally or abroad is a hard job & some time due to not being able to prepare air ticket on specific time, the managers has lost special opportunities.
To avoid this difficulty the center has made arrangements with some important airlines in Iran like (Iran air & Mahan air) & they have agreed to have their counter in the center to issue local & international tickets for the employees of the member companies.

Airport CIP Service:
The managers of the member companies for themselves & their foreign guests either for departure or arrival may utilize CIP service of the airport.
This service been arranged by the center with discounted rate.

Advertisement & propagation:
All companies depending on their field of activity, also upon their need to announce any subject to the public, will send advertisements & propagations to various newspapers.
The majority of advertisements belong to the companies (for congratulation, condolence, recruitment, tenders …) & they should pay large amount of money for this purpose.
Regarding above the center has organized a department in order to negotiate whole newspapers & organizers of propagations to take care about the advertisement of the member companies & get tremendous discount due to mass & regular orders.
In view of the foregoing if all advertisements of the member companies are done through the relevant department of the center, there will be good discount for them.

Limousine Service:
One of the formalities regarding transportation of foreign delegation & business partners is to put limousine service at their disposal.
Usually purchasing limousine auto cars is not possible for all companies therefore they have to disregard this service or to find a well known company to cooperate with in this regard.
Iran Export Center along with other services for the members has made arrangements with couple of famous & strong companies to give limousine service with a very competitive price, for this service it is enough for the members to contact relevant desk in the center & utilize any type of cars for transportation.

Credit Card:
Another service of the center for the members is to let them have their credit card.
Each company will introduce members of the Board, Managing Director & any other personnel subject to receive the credit card.
The center after review will ask credit companies & banks to allocate special budget for each person & issue their credit card.
Meantime the holder of credit card will have some specific time to pay back the amount after expending it.

Consultancy Service:
Most of the difficulties & clashes between companies arise from not being familiar with the rules & regulations either by one party or both parties.
In this stage right consultancy will help the managers to solve the problems.
Iran Export Center has established a consultancy department & consults the managers their request on the subjects as legal affairs, taxation, banking & monetary, foreign & local investments, labor laws & etc.
For each subject there are some experts from relevant organizations who are handling & consulting required subject.
Meantime center has chosen well known & very specialized consultants to handle this desk.

One of the services designed to be put at the discretion of the companies is insurance. It is known that each co should pay too much money to buy various types of insurances each year. For this purpose the center has build up an insurance co of S.A.P affiliated to some Insurance co to issue all type of insurance contracts in shortest period of time & with the least price of central insurance company’s tariff plus another special discount for the members.
Courier Service:
In order to send the commercial samples abroad or any letter, documents & any other parcel within short period of time also safe & with acceptable cost is one of the subjects, which all managers should deal with.
For this purpose the center has made arrangement with the cooperation of DHL co. to send the parcels soon & with suitable price for the members.

Local & Int’l TV Propagation:
Nowadays, unless you possess a monopoly commodity & market, you are in need of every day propagation to publicize your product & sell it allover the world.
Iran Export Center as an organization dealing with export & import of the member companies believes in comprehensive propagation locally & internationally.
While the competitors in all over the world are continually advertise their commodities therefore it is impossible to compete them unless to do the same approach regarding TV propagation.
Iran Export Center in order to enable the member companies to advertise in TV has reduced the cost of it by signing special contract with local TV channels & international networks like Jam-E-Jam (1,2,3) and other channels.
This will allow the member companies to have TV advertisement & pay very special rate even in long term payment basis.

Library & Archive:
The progress of all enterprises depends on the volume of information, which can gather & utilize about his market, competitors, raw material, global prices . . . etc.
This information will not be accessible unless to use various directories, booklets, brochures, newspapers, technical pamphlets . . . etc.
As gathering all these data base is not possible for each individual company, therefore, center with cooperation of information centers & international organizations all over the world will gather the document & form a library & archive to be at the disposal of member companies.

The managers need to publicize their success & open up their company’s news to the public for better acquaintance & performance.
Some is done by advertisement but all is not possible to be advertised. Sometime they need press conferences or their news to be diffused in vast area.
For this reason the center has the possibility to take their field of interest to the newspapers or other mass media if required. They should contact the specific desk in the center for any action in this regard.

The managers of companies dealing with export & import usually have to have foreign delegations & businessmen to talk foreign language.
Regarding above & especially in very formal meetings to sing the contracts it is very important to understand each other & the articles of the contracts. Sometime it is better to utilize the services ok a translator.
For above reason if member companies has delegation from abroad and are in need of translation cam contact the center & ask for the translation of specific language.
Obviously translators for main languages will be hired in center’s translation pool.

Upon arrangements made with compass Iran, all member companies of Iran World Trade Center can utilize the special discount of 20 pct if they send propagations to be included in compass books for said purpose the companies can refer to the center & get the introductory letter to refer to compass.

Conference Halls:
In order to hold a meeting or conference, seminar & the like, companies are obliged to hire specific halls.
To attempt hiring saloon is usually costly & sometime facing with difficulties of non vacant saloons. For this purpose the center will negotiate with various halls with different capacities to find out their availabilities & sing contracts with them.
The managers of the member companies upon their need to halls will advise the center & will pay discounted rate & on-time reservation of halls.

Labor Recruitment:
Hiring & recruiting common & specialized personnel for any company is very important & essential for the future of each enterprise.
Finding suitable & efficient employee needs long time & much expense & sometimes due to shortage of time the result is not satisfactory.
Iran Export Center to solve this problem & to the help the members for their recruiting the personnel has established a computerized data bank & all applicants may send their resume & their field of interest to be included in this data bank. Having such file in the center will enable the center to furnish the companies the required personnel for employment.

Security & Guard & Escort:
With the cooperation of police force, the center has made arrangements to help those companies, which are in need of safety & security services for themselves or their guests.
Even the security & guard service for the meetings, seminars, sessions & any public gathering is possible if the member companies apply for that via center.
It is obvious that everybody would like to be admired & been taken & considered as very important person.
This may be felt by a person during the time if he is your guest, & you treat him very politely & formally. This approach will even affect his believe regarding mutual business.
For said reason if a company is interested in courtesy for his guest & would like to escort him from airport to his hotel may contact the center & upon arrangements made between the center & police force they can utilize the escort services.