About us


About us:


As you are aware the world economic is speeding toward Globalization in order to unite & become Global village, within which the members are allowed to deal with each other & non-members are considered as alliance.

This trend will also urge our country to join said global village & therefore to attempt an essential economic reform. Considering not suitable economic situation of our industries & trade, due to economic stagnation, shortage of liquidity, labor problems, low quality products, less information from international markets, mismanagement & etc. .

It seems that our country will hurt very much from Globalization and joining to Global Village unless our top level management in government and private sectors to conduct special policy to equip the country to encounter such globalization effects.

Dear managers, in respect to your successful management, as you are aware nowadays “information” & “relation” are two very important factors in each management.

We believe that those managers are successful which are able to utilize said factors together.

At present many managers and also in your company have various problems whether local or international, which are not able to solve them personally. Sometimes you and other managers are obliged to refer to middlemen (fixer) in order to find the solution for a specific difficulty. Sometimes asking assistance from said people is even useful but it is not desirable & continuous & probably some headaches from their side. Instead if a manager possesses one powerful & formal consultancy group and utilize their services, they never will need going toward middlemen (fixer) & face with problems.

Regarding above, we are pleased to inform you establishment of an office under the name of “Iranian Economic Consultancy Group”. This group consists of a number of very well experienced experts & some top executive managers of the country in the economic (commercial , marketing , export , import ) , law , taxation , custom duties , insurance , banking , communication , international relations & investment fields .The mission of this consultancy group is to assist the managers to overcome their difficulties in various fields without referring to the middlemen (fixer). Therefore it will help the managers & companies to be prepared accepting the globalization obligations.

We would like to advise that this group is consulting number of successful managers at the moment & is eager to be at your disposal too.

In order to show our ability in solving your problems we are ready to consult & follow up one of your reasonable & normal problem in your organization as sample.

By doing that, we will have powerful saying in our future meetings & long term cooperation.

Regarding above, you are requested personally and in written to inform us of your opinion & decision regarding utilization the services of our center.  In case you need more information or even meetings, please do not hesitate to write us.

About WTC Tehran:

World Trade Center Tehran (IRAN), founded in 1991, is jointly owned by SAP Economic Group and foreign Investors and Supported by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Since its establishing on August 1991, WTC Tehran has attracted an impressive number of prestigious multinational corporations and global high-end retail stores. Many domestic and international conferences and significant events have been held here. Also has hosted numerous government officials, business magnates and social celebrities, generating massive economic and social benefits.

The prime mission of World Trade Center Tehran (IRAN) is the support of the trade community objectives in international business and trade, creation of an objective notion of the business resources and goals of the region. It is achieved by rendering a wide range of in-house services, associated with the global commerce, and developing projects, that meet the standards of the global trade and create benefits for the WTC members.

Reciprocity and cooperation are the fundamental tenets of World Trade Center’s Association and therefore are vitally important to all its members. It means that a member of one WTC is a member of a network of more than 350 WTC that covers every corner of the globe. Each WTC extends reciprocal privileges to members of any other WTC in the world.
The WTC does not attempt to compete with organizations already involved in world trade. Instead, it aims to assist them by offering a setting that permits these organizations to flourish – and to complement these organizations by offering programs and services that are not available elsewhere. WTC Tehran is the biggest business center in Iran. It offers over 50 services to its customers. A well-developed infrastructure creating all conditions for business and leisure, high level of quality services and competence of the staff attract to WTC businessmen from many countries of the world. Today the WTC Tehran member companies are over 400 Iranian and foreign companies, banks, travel agencies, national and international organizations involved in development of international cooperation.

The brand “World Trade Center” is internationally recognized and highly valued due to the wide range of quality innovative technological services available at each WTC.

 Group Trade Missions

Trade mission is an international trip by government officials and businesspeople that is organized by agencies of national or provincial governments for purpose of exploring international business opportunities. Business people who attend trade missions are typically introduced both to important business contacts and to well-placed government officials. A trade mission is a way in which countries or organizations can seek out potential buyers and sellers. Trade missions will usually occur after one party has undergone significant market research.

Trade Mission includes taking part in outbound missions to explore new markets and receiving incoming business groups.

Trade mission planning (inbound – outbound), prospecting trips and participation in business networking meetings to explore new markets in cooperation with other WTCs. Management of the business agenda according to specific customer requirements, logistics coordination and follow-up on contacts established.